CHAMPION UTRATA  (Tulie) z Gangu Dlugich

Female, born July 23, 1993
Polish import
Color: grey
O.F.A. rated good
Eyes Cerfd.
Sire:  Rokosz z Gangu Dlugich (Pl.Champion)
Dam: Maruna z Gangu Dlugich (Int. Champion)
is a Canadian Rare Breed Champion 
Utrata will be in our memories for ever.

ELBA (Blue) via Solis

Female, born April 19th, 1995
Polish import
Color: graphite
O.F.A. rated good
Eyes Cerfd.
Sire: Galgan z Martecznik Diany
Dam: Atrakcja z Tujowego Zakatka
Elba is  (CRBA Ch.) and an (ARBA Ch.)

Elba left us in 2007.

Male, born February 23rd, 2000
Color: Graphite
O.F.A. rated good
Eyes: Cerfd.
Sire:  Zoo z Domlina Ch.
Dam: Makowka Abdank
Yuri is a South Western Ontario Rare Breed Club Champion &
a Canadien Kennel Club Champion.
Top dog for the breed in Canada in 2006.
Yuri left us in 2010.


MAKOWKA (Starka) Abdank

Female, born May 5th, 1995
Polish import
Color: white & grey
O.F.A. rated  fair
Eyes Cerfd
Sire: Rokosz z Gangu Dlugich Ch.
Dam: Dziewiatka Abdank
Makowka left us in 2007.

WOJSKI z Gangu Dlugich

Male born March 03, 1994
Polish Import
Evaluated at University of Guelph
X-rays rated good
Eyes: Cerfd.
Color: white & grey
Sire:  Lar Rawipon (CACIB ch.)
Dam: Maruna z Gangu Dlugich (Int. Champion)

Wojski left us in 2005.



Female, born June 19th, 1997
Breeder: Lynne Zubrzycki
Color: grey
Preliminary Good
Eyes: Cerfd.
Sire:  Ch. Zoo z Domlina
Dam: Ch. Utrata z Gangu Dlugich
Canelle is an (ARBA) Ch.  a Canadian Rarities Champion and a South Western Ontario Rare Breed Champion.
Canelle z Domlina left us in 2008.
GAMIN (Axel) z Domlina

Male, born June 30th, 1997
Breeder: Lynne Zubrzycki
Color: white & grey
O.F.A. rated good
Eyes Cerfd.
Sire: Wojski z Gangu Dlugich
Dam: Makowka Abdank
Axel left us in August of 2011.
AGAT (Zubin) Sierpczanka

Male, born May 24th, 2001
Polish Import
Owner: Kathe Johnston
Co/owner: Lynne Zubrzycki
Color: Grey & white
Pleminary hips rated good
Sire:  Upior Pol-Pon CHPL Zw Europy
Dam: Anava Sirius
Zubin is a  South Western Ontario Rare Breed Champion.
Zubin left us in 2011.
CHLOÉ z Domlina

Female, born July 26th, 2002.
Owner: Lynne Zubrzycki
Breeder: Lynne Zubrzycki
Color: Grey & white
Sire:  Ch. Yuri z Domlina
Dam: Ch. Utrata z Gangu Dlugich
Chloé was placed at good friends of ours.
She turned 14 years of age this year but still doing good.

MALUTKA z Domlina

Female born January 14th, 2005
Owner: Lynne Zubrzycki
Breeder: Lynne Zubrzycki
Sire: Gamin (Axel) z Domlina
Dam: Elba Via Solis
Preliminary OFA: Good
Eyes: Cerfd.
Malutka left us in 2014.



Female, born June 1st, 2004
Owner: Camille Roy
Co-owner: Lynne Zubrzycki
Breeder: Lynne Zubrzycki
OFA: Fair
Eyes Cerfd.
Sire: Yuri z Domlina
Dam: Canelle z Domlina
Ruby is now retired and is an agility champion.




Male born November 14th, 2005
Owner: Lynne Zubrzycki
OFA rated good.
Bred by: Patricia Evans
Sire: Ch. Bawidamek Gazda z Banciarni
Dam: Bajka z Domlina
Arrived to Domlina Kennels in 2006
Théodore is a Canadien Kennel Club champion &
Top dog in Canada for the breed in 2008.
Theo left us on the 24th of August 2016.  He was only 10 years of age.  We wish he would have lived for ever. 
He will be missed.



Female born: December 17th, 2014
Owner: Lynne Zubrzycki
Bred By: Lynne Zubrzycki
OFA: Preliminary Good
Eyes: Cerfd.
Sire :  Iago de Kaillhanes
Dam:  Domlina's Abba
Left Domlina to live with a friend in Wisconsin.


Female born May  22nd, 2008
Polish import
Owner:   Lynne Zubrzycki
Bred By :Ewa Dobrzynska
Sire: Urok z Jurajskiego Zrodla
Dam: Trawka Blusalka
Witka arrived at Domlina in 2008.
She is very active and and loves to play tricks.
Witka is now retired and still lives at home.


Female born June 22nd, 2009
Owner:  Lynne Zubrzycki
Bred By: Lynne Zubrzycki
Sire:  Mybeards Challenge
Dam: Chloé z Domlina
Nacza is full of life and just a happy girl.
She finished her championship in only two shows and took group placements
on those two weekends.
She had her last litter on September 21st, 2015.





Male born December 15th, 2011.
Owner: Patti Evans & Lynne Zubrzycki
Bred by: Katja Jasica
Sire:  Flinkbein Istotmy Ideal (Sami)
Dam: Cudowna Gratka Dla Nasz De L'Alpha Dabydos (Donna)
Kompan has finally arrived at Domlina.
It was love at first site.
New champion at the age of 11 months.
He is now owned by Patricia Evans in Calgary and has
quite a big show carreer.



Male born: December 21st, 2013
Owner: Lynne Zubrzycki
OFA: Premilinary Excellent
Bred by: Patti Evans
Sire: Ch.  Van Het Goralenhof Kompan (Harley)
Dam: Zoé z Domlina
Arrived at Domlina in February of 2014
Jakub is nearly 3 months of age on this picture.
He is now 2 years of age.



Female born: January 2014
Owner:   Lynne Zubrzycki
Bred by: Lynne Zubrzycki
Sire: Iago de Kaillhanes
Dam: Nacza z Domlina
Came back to Domlina in Mach 2015
She has many Best puppy in Show wins in 2014.
She is now living in New York and sharing her life with
her new owner that loves her to pieces.




    Some of the Pons that we have imported from Poland, England, Belgium, and Canada.

EDA Via Solis    cH. UTRARA z Gangu Dlugich    
ELBA Via Solis    WOJSKI z Gangu Dlugich
FRAGDA  Via Solis   WAWBRZYN z Gangu Dlugich
FIGA Via Solis           WERBNA z Gangu Dlugich
ZELANT Oligarchia  WIKLINA  z Gangu Dlugich   
cH. TRISTAN Oligarchia  WITKA z Gangu Dlugich
ZARWANICA Oligarchia    USARKA z Gangu Dlugich
MAKOWKA Abdank cH. UBIOREK z Gangu Dlugich
SABA Kamal           AMALAN Sierpczanka
ARAMIS z Farmy Kadimana  AGAT Sierpczanka
AMBRA Fervidus         AKCENT Sierpczanka
VIA VITA Fervidus  ABBA Sierpczanka
cH. MYSTICPONS Theodore cH. KOMPAN Van Het Goralenhof
MYSTICPONS Jakub at Domlina  


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