Puppy gallery

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Tucker z Domlina

Enjoying the sceenery.

Tucker z Domlina

Posing for the camera after a bath.

Finnigan z Domlina

Enjoying his new life in BC and exploring new surroundings.

Alexa z Domlina

A quick rest in the flower beds at home.

Zander z Domlina

The happy go lucky guy with a real sweet disposition.

Kazimir z Domlina

Posing for the camera for his new mom.

Mylo z Domlina

Busy playing with his favorite toy.

Chloé z Domlina & Izaak z Domlina

Posing for the first time at 6 weeks of age.

Misiu z Domlina

Loves the snow.

Lilly (Masala) z Domlina

Enjoying a quiet moment.

Abba (Cocotte) z Domlina

She was so sweet, we decided to keep her at home with us.

She is very active, decided but charming.

Shiloh z Domlina

She had this picture taken by a professional for a magazine.

Shiloh z Domlina

This was another picture taken for the magazine. I can't believe how well behave she is wearing a shower hat and sitting quietly pausing for the camera.