Chloé, Kathia, Moya, Axel & Canelle in the snow




We had been looking for a bloodline that we could introduce in our breeding program.

I had spoken to a breeder about her lines and asked her to keep in touch when she would have a litter.  The breeder was Katja Jasica from Van Het Goralenhof.  She e.mailed pictures from time to time of a young male that appeared handsome and beautiful.

I packed my bags and flew to Brussels to meet Katja and bring Kompan back home.

Here he is with me in Brussels the day before coming back to Canada and meet his new family.

He is just the sweetest puppy.  A real delight.  I must say it was love at first site.

Thank you Katja

Here are Chloé, Kathia, Axel, Usarka & Canelle.  These dogs enjoyed the snow so much.

Unfortunately Axel, Kathia & Canelle have passed away but we do keep very good memories and they will always be with us in our heart for ever.


 Kompan Van Het Goralenhof our newest member to our Domlina family



Showing us his beautiful movement.  Always on the run and great personality. 
He is already a finished Champion and Top dog for the breed in Canada this year.

After having him a while at home, I finally decided to place him at Mysticpons at Patti Evans' home where she had time to show and promote him.  He has been doing very well in the shows and no longer a puppy now.

We decided to keep a puppy out of him with one of our females that lives with Patti in Calgary.

Mysticpons Jakub at Domlina.

Jakub is sweet, has a great personality and will be shown in the summer of 2015.  He will be 6 months old at the end of June 2014.

He is living with friends of ours and sharing his life with a Havanese.  Loves his long walks with his new owner.  He is also in obedience classes and conformation classes.  He should do very well at shows.

He decided he wasn't ready for shows this year.  Too active and a clown in the ring.  Loves to be the center of attention.  He will be shown in 2015 when he behaves better and becomes a young adult.

He is growing nicely and is full of surprises.

Xena in the field

Xena moving nicely



January 2000 - Canada.  The new year started with the opening of a new dog club for a rare breed in Canada - The Canadian Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club.  Long time breeder and dog lover, Lynne Zubrzycki initiated the start up of the new club for the Polish Owczarek Nizinny (PON).  The club's official name is Canadian Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club (CPONC).  You can visit the club's website at:

January 2006 - Canada.  The Canadian Polish Lowland Sheepdog (CPONC) announces that Lynne Zubrzycki of Domlina Pons was able to get the Polish Lowland Sheepdog (Polski Owczarek Nizinny) accepted into the Canadian Kennel Club.  The pons are now recognized by the CKC and can be shown in conformation since September 2006.


Our latest news is
 Domlina's Just Rockn Mysticpons

Here she is, nice and proud of her weekend and keeps on surprising us every time she shows.  She loves to show and everyone in the show ring loves her.




Other great news
also doing well in the ring.
Pebbles and Xena are sisters and nearly twins.

Beautiful Xena taking Best Baby Puppy in Show

More pictures of Xena z Domlina